I read books, many of them Young Adult or the upper edge of Middle Grade. For those books, if I feel I can write an unbiased review, I will review it here. If I don’t feel I can write an unbiased review of a book, I won’t write review it at all. If I apply the Rule of 50 and don’t finish a book, I won’t review it.

Most of the books I read are checked out of the New York Public Library. A significant minority I read as ARCs (Advanced Reader’s Copies, also known as Galleys) and may review before publication. I do not get ARCs from publishers as a blogger. I get ARCs either from my mother, who works in a bookstore and thus has easy access to them, or because I work in publishing and ARCs from other publishing houses float around my life. This is the way of the publishing world, and it’s awesome.

I do not review books with which I work, and I do not review any book which I fear I cannot review in an unbiased manner. Other than that, it’s fair game.

I mostly read genre-benders, fantasy, sci-fi, LGBT/queer, and some historical fiction.

Contact me at

inthebooleyhouse [at] gmail [dot] com


One Response to “How?”

  1. tahliaN Says:


    YA litereature for those who are never too old is a great catch for me, as my favourite genre is YA fantasy. The adult stuff I often find too dark and the story too long winded and convoluted. I prefer the simpler stories and lighter touch of the YA genre. Less violence too.

    You might like to take a preview peek at ch 1 of my new YA fantasy novel. You’ll find it on the ‘Lethal Inheritance page of http://publishersearch.wordpress.com

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