Graceling Kristin Cashore Miriam Newman YA Lit ReviewsI’m doing something I’ve never done before: changing a book’s ranking.

I originally put Graceling on the Top Shelf, where I put books which are either really really good but with some significant flaws or which are quite good but not amazing.

Graceling doesn’t have a major, seriously detracting flaw. I’ve got my quibbles – it drags a little in one place; I figured out a couple twists well before the characters did; etc. – but I always have quibbles. And it was certainly quite good; I just didn’t think it was amazing.

But since then, whenever I’ve read or heard something about Graceling, I’ve thought, “Damn, that was a really good book.” And when reading the prequel, Fire, I was also thinking about how good Graceling had been.

So up you go, Graceling. Onto the Shelf of Honor with you.

My original (and unchanged) review
My review of Fire