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Okay, go read my review of the first three books of Pellinor.


Now for my review of The Singing, the fourth and final book in the series:


There’s not too much to say which I haven’t said already, aside from confirming that it is a worthy conclusion to an amazing quartet.

There’s a powerful sense of humanity infusing these books, particularly this last one. As Maerad’s powers and ability grow, so do her confusion and uncertainty, and both her love for her friends and her fear of losing them – either through death or through fear and mistrust stripping away their relationships. All the characters have their doubts and their worries, and do what they need to do anyway. If that seems a bit sappy… yes. There is a touch of sap and melodrama, but it never overwhelms the well-crafted characters or well-paced plot. The real coup of the Books of Pelinor is that they are full of people. Beautiful, messed-up people.

March 2009

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